12 Months of Free Fiber lessons- Learning together

 My New Years resolution was simple this year:

I resolve to learn something (fiber based) new each month of 2014–12 new things– so easy! 

That simple resolution has led me to an idea, each new thing I learn I am going to teach all of you. Each month Baltimore Threadquarters (Marlo) will offer a free workshop or a link to a video tutorial so we can all try new things together.

It is free to participate, and free to learn whatever the 12 new lessons will be. But you have to make a real commitment since there is not cost I have to know how many people we will have every month for materials and space, and snacks of course (and many a couple of drinks snuck into a lesson or two)

The slideshow below shows you everything I learned last year, imagine what this year could bring for us all!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sign up Between now January 2, 2014 & January 12, 2014 to take a dive into learning fiber stuff with me. Fill out the contact form below and make sure you note 12 months of learning in the comments section. I will contact you directly to gather everyone together in the beginning and get us introduced and started, everyone will have a say and we will try all ideas within reason based on current skill sets and time

 Next December, we will display all the Lessons Learned, from as many people who will submit them plus our own and have a end of the year wrap up our knowledge party! We all have different skill sets and with all of you our there in the internet land I know this will be an amazing display of growth!

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