Full Power for the Next Class of Learners

electric panel

15 smoked and Marlo ran

Who knew breakers sometimes smoke when they blow out?

“Not I”, says the Marlo.

After a scary hour of smelling burning something, then seeing smoke waft out of the main electric panel, we had a quick visit from our friendly neighbor the firefighter (seriously our next door neighbor is luckily a Baltimore City Fire Station.)It was confirmed that no the shop was not on fire; it was just a blown breaker.

Thanks to our super fantastic Facebook Fans we were able to get an electrician to fix the problem within hours of asking for help. You all are the best!

We could not be there tomorrow for our first 12 Months of Learning group if it weren’t for the speed, efficiency, and just plain awesomeness of our new fave person, and electrician extraordinaire  Eric Resneck of Catonsville, MD –shameless plug–you can find him on Facebook-or contact us for his info if you need a good electrician.


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