This is What Yarnbombing Looks Like–Photo update

In one short week we have accomplished so much, tak a peek below then read on to get the full scoop on the BTQ yarnbomb and how to become a BTQ Bomber

Yarnbombing takes many shapes and happens on a great many scales.

For Baltimore Threadquarters (BTQ) first Yarnbomb of 2014 looks like more planning than ever before.But that is because we have the great honor of starting the year off with a big bang (or rather a big bomb).

On February 21, 2014 BTQ will introduce a 10 Pylon Yarnbomb Installation at the Pratt Street entrance of the Baltimore Convention Center for the Largest Craft Show on the East Coast —The American Craft Council Show in Baltimore (the show features jury selected Fine Craft Artists from all across the states.)

(To Learn More about the process and the shop join us at the ACC Conversation Corner)

Thanks to a planning team of 5 dedicated artists and the amazing outpouring of support from a fantastic fiber community we can now reveal to you the plan–however just for fun Marlo will share with you all the work that goes into just getting started…

  • Step 1: Get an email from the Education Director of the American Craft Council inviting BTQ to participate in the Baltimore show.
  • Step 2: Squeal like a little girl and dance around the room, then call the BTQ team and listen to them get giddy too.
  • Step 3: Contain your enthusiasm and try to be professional with your response
  • Step 4: Write and re-write your email response then repeat Step Three five times  
  • Step 5: Email back and forth till you have a solid plan in place and a realistic goal, request a yarn donation from your favorite yarn company (Cascade Yarns check out their FB Page)
  • Step 6: Panic (this is a mandatory step in any project)
  • Step 7: Recruit others to panic with you and furiously work out a pattern that is both unique and simple to understand
  • Step 8: Scrap the pattern 5 or 6 times and go back to step six
  • Step 9: Find an amazing crochet pattern from a really talented designer (Kraftling) and ask for permission to use parts of it
  • Step 10: Get working! 

We are officially at Step 10, now we need your help!!! Before we can get to the installation we need many hands to make the parts—Please Fill out the form below if you want to participate in this Big Yarnbomb or learn more about the process at the ACC Conversation Corner)


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