The Long Goodbye from Allison

btq allison headshot Saying goodbye

As of the end of July, I will be leaving the BTQ family and shifting my focus to growing Tigerlillyshop & Dreadnought Workshop, my handmade jewelry and accessories business. I have had a rewarding 18 months working towards the success of BTQ and feel that Marlo and I have accomplished much of what we set out to do. We made a place for sharing, learning, and inspiration. Together we created the store and community we envisioned through art and craft –from total scratch! Marlo, her husband Matt and our Artist in Residence Robert will go on without me, spreading the love of fiber henceforth. I’m sure good things are in store for the future!

I have met many new and unforgettable people on my journey the last 18 months. Herman and Elaine, the owners of the Botteon Building are some of the nicest people Highlandtown has to offer, BTQ would not be possible without you! I would have never guessed that I would befriend a Charm City Roller Girl off the rink, meet an unstoppable Serial Crochet Yarn Bomber, and be featured on TV with a red and white Zappa Claus. I helped some volunteers make pet beds and kids beds for charity through our classroom. One of the highlights for me was learning to spin yarn with my daughter from one of Southeast Baltimore’s most generous fiber artists. And now, I even know how to care for my own vintage sewing machine thanks to a certain motivated repair man.

I may have met you in the classroom teaching serging & sewing, or maybe when I was coordinating classes or exhibits, events, or manning the shop. I may have been a faceless email or newsletter in your inbox. Whatever this tangled fiber web of BTQ was over these last 18 months has truly been an exciting experience, I graciously thank each of you out there for helping us succeed thus far. I know that Marlo and I did something brave and good, and it surely would not have happened without each of you.

My personal network of friends and family have been incredibly supportive of us, as well as all of my professional crafty friends out there always showing us some love by getting the word out, sharing online, teaching, and donating time, talent, and more…Thank you! My husband and sister both deserve special thanks as well.

And of course, I would never have done this without you Marlo. We bravely, naively, ventured into uncharted seas, rocky and smooth, we did it together! And I am proud of us. I believe in you and BTQ’s future.

As for what’s next… I’ll be concentrating on my studio practice to grow my retail and wholesale jewelry business and working with my sister Maria Fomich on Adorn & Conquer, the retail space in New Orleans, LA. As our family creates new things and grows into the future, I invite you to peek in at us: 

And as always you can connect with me on:

Let’s see each other again sometime!
Happy crafting,


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